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The definitive 3D immersive audio workstation

 Our proprietary Physical Modeling engine allows the engineer to easily recreate virtual or real spaces at a touch.

Compatible with any format, including binaural and VR.

Everything in one place: 

N-channel  convolution  reverb

N-channel  IR  modeler

N-channel  panning

N-channel  mixing

DSpatial redefines the classical concepts of reverb, panning and mixing, unifying them into a single space and providing a new paradigm for the sound production and mixing for film and virtual reality.

inertia  |  doppler

walls  |  doors

Physical properties like the inertia and Doppler effect are created automatically by simply moving the sound sources.

Acoustic reflection, refraction, diffraction and scattering produced by walls, objects and doors are easily simulated.

outbound space  |  proximity  |  distance

translation  |  rotation  |  collapsing

DSpatial´s proprietary Physical Modeling engine allows the engineer to easily and realistically locate, move, rotate, collapse or explode sound sources in real time, even behind the walls of the listening room, transporting the listener to a new, virtual yet realistic dimension, therefore magnifying the aural experience and recreating natural soundscapes that rival reality. 


With 10 points multi-touch DSpatial opens up a whole new field of creative possibilities for the film mixer and sound designer by empowering them whilst simplifying processes.

One mix  /  All formats

The format war is a thing of the past.  DSpatial is compatible with all immersive or non-immersive formats, including binaural for VR.

With DSpatial you can create a new speaker setup in minutes. Once created the mix is played back in every format without the need to downmix. The number of input and output channels is only limited by the number of interfaces and by the power of the host computer.


Full Pro Tools integration

we respect your workflow

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Ask for a personal demonstration at your own premises.  Only for immersive mixing stages.

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