Exclusive outdoor space simulation. An extensive library of both indoor and outdoor IRs is provided

Real time modeling of doppler effect, inertia and wall´s reflection, refraction, diffraction and scattering.

Proximity and distance effects. Every input and output can be independently positioned in a 3D space.

The first ever IR modeler. 8 reasons why modeled IRs are far superior to microphone recorded IRs.

Instant scene change. Two simultaneous 48 channel reverbs. Up to 96 real time convolutions.

Mix all formats without downmixing. Including Ambisonics and highly realistic binaural for VR.

Full native multi-touch compatibility. Up to 10 points. Simultaneous rotation and translation of sources.

An arsenal of exclusive tools for immersive sound design. Multiple predefined and programmable paths.

DSpatial Reality converts Pro Tools

into a complete native 3D immersive Workstation

redefining the classical concepts of reverberation, panning and mixing

and unifying them into a single unique product


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