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Reality Studio

DSpatial Reality Studio converts Pro Tools into a complete native 3D binaural workstation, redefining the classic concepts of reverberation, panning and mixing, and unifying them into a single unique product. A mix made with Reality Studio can be played back in any immersive or non-immersive format (up to 13.2 channels), including Ambisonics and highly realistic binaural. It also provides a real-time convolution reverberation with IR modeler, proximity and distance effects, Doppler, walls, doors, Immersive and Ambient tools, a monitoring section and 10 points multi-touch capability.  Please note that for multi-touch capability you have to add a multitouch monitor and a third party software driver ( which can be purchased on the TouchBase website ).

Reality Studio is now bundled with the new Sonda. The price has not changed, so with Reality Studio you, actually, get Sonda for free.

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New features in version 2.0

1) Simplified mode

2) A new exclusive immersive tool: Ambients

3) Mutes and Solos in bed inputs and centralized control of Solos, Mutes, and other per channel functions

4) Six new binaural modes


13 channel impulse response modeler

Up to 13 outputs and 26 convolutions

2 reverb models: Space Model and Room Builder Reader

Up to 100 mono inputs + 100 bed inputs

Output formats: Atmos, Auro3D, binaural, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 9.1, 11.1, 13.1

Ambisonic inputs: FuMa and ambiX

Ambisonic output: FOA FuMa, FOA ACN or 2nd HOA ACN

360º equirectangular view and editing

more than 400 impulse responses library

10 point multi-touch

Distance and proximity effect

Doppler, inertia, walls, doors

Immersive tools


Space rear & Top rear

Center force

40 groups

Upward and downward compatible with all DSpatial products

Import session tools

Speaker set designer

Voice Of God ( VOG ) speaker in all formats

Monitoring section with mute and volume per channel, dimmer and general volume

Offline mode for faster than real-time rendering

Check the comparison chart page to evaluate the characteristics of the four Reality versions

Reality Studio is now bundled with the new Sonda. The price has not changed, so with Reality Studio you, actually, get Sonda for free.

Additional information


Mac with a minimum of 16G RAM


10.12 Sierra, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.14 Mojave, 10.15 Catalina, MacOS 11 Big Sur, MacOS 12 Monterrey

Pro Tools

.Reality Studio is a set of native AAX plugins but it runs not only on native but also on HD and HDX versions of Pro Tools hardware, and the following Pro Tools software versions:, Pro Tools 12, Pro Tools 2018, Pro Tools 2019, Pro Tools 2020, Pro Tools 2021


2nd or 3rd generation iLok dongle is required for authorization

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