Next generation space simulator

Hyper-realistic space modeler and renderer. Indoor and outdoor impulse responses are analysed, modeled and rendered with the highest quality. Whether for sound design, dialog, foley, ambiences or any other audio application, the world’s first true space modeler and renderer is at your fingertips.

Up to 784 real-time reverb convolutions

DSpatial Reverb uses our proprietary Physical Modeling Engine, the same used by Reality, providing up to 784 real-time convolutions and a 396 channels impulse response modeler, making it the most powerful convolution reverb currently on the market. When listening to DSpatial Reverb, you will quickly recognize the natural, pristine sound along with the massive dynamic range and level of flexibility made possible by our next-level algorithms.

Up to 48 outputs-channels reverberation

48 totally decorrelated outputs. DSpatial´s 48-channel immersive convolution reverb includes the first ever N-channel impulse response modeler and renderer. Our technology provides ultra-realistic and immersive IRs for up to 48 channels. Inferior microphone capture impulse responses are a thing of the past!

Dual reverb for real-time scene changes

Program changes can now be accomplished smoothly and instantly. Two complete reverberations are available simultaneously in two separate layers, meaning that two instances of 10 convolutions occur at once. Reverb fluctuations can then be programmed and edited with Pro Tools Automation. Listen to the example in the link on the right

A library of more than 400 space models

Over 400 space models that are totally compatible with Reality and Reverb are provided. The space models are more than just impulse responses, they are complete models of indoor and outdoor spaces.

High length range

Reverberation times can be adjusted seamlessly between 0.1 and 10 seconds. The tonal and acoustic properties of the model are preserved at any length.

Rehearsal mode

A rehearsal mode with 4 sound files allows to test different space models and find the most suitable one.

Find by keyword

Browsing among hundreds of images is a thing of the past. Finding a room is easier than ever by using the keyword search. Space models can be located by keywords: Glass, Wood, Metal, Cloth, Plastic….

Indoor and outdoor space simulation

With DSpatial X-verb you can easily recreate real and unreal spaces in real-time with a simple touch. An endless amount of indoor and outdoor spaces can be simulated with ease by using the DSpatial library which includes over 400 spaces and features ambiances such as recording studios, stadiums, churches, tunnels, gymnasiums, streets, alleyways ….
Screenshots from the film “The Duelist”, mixed with DSpatial

Full Pro Tools integration

Your workflow is highly respected. DSpatial Reverb is a standard AAX plugin and can be easily integrated in your Pro Tools and S6. Two kind of inserts are provided: standard Pro Tools inserts for up to 7.1.2 channels, and a special multi-mono mode for up to 48 output channels.