What´s new in Reality 2.0

New features

Versions 2.0 of Reality have the following outstanding features compared to the previous 1.9 versions

1) A simplified mode that allows working seamlessly within the classic Pro Tools workflow.

2) An exclusive immersive tool called Ambients that allows to create immersive environments from mono or stereo tracks

3) FX Audio Sound generators on each input

4) Mutes and Solos in bed inputs

5) Centralized control of Solos, Mutes, and other per channel functions

6) Six new binaural modes

Simplified mode

With the new simplified mode of Reality version 2.0 you can access most of the channel functions as a standard AAX plugin. In previous Reality versions, these functions were only available in the separate DSpatial touch-monitor. Now, this mode is optional, so you can use it for example in the final mix. In the creative process, you can work channel by channel as you would with any typical Pro Tools plugin. This means that parameters like proximity, inertia, Doppler, reverberation send, immersive tools, 3D position, etc. will be available for each input channel. Other features, such as viewing all sources simultaneously or creating groups, are optionally available on the up to two optional screens dedicated to Dspatial. This two-tier mode is a powerful tool for sound engineers and makes the learning curve much faster.

Reality Ambients

“Reality Ambients” is an exclusive immersive sound creation system. With Ambients any sound, such as noise from cities, parks, restaurants, crowds, animal, machines, any general sound environment, and even synthesizer sounds, can be transformed into immersive with great ease. A library of 95 pre-recorded ambients is provided with all Reality versions. But that’s just the beginning because you can create as many ambients as you want and save them in folders with instant access through the menu. Those same ambients can then be triggered from Reality without the need to record them in Pro Tools, simply by manual action, automation, or even MIDI.

FX Audio on each input

In Reality Builder each input can be configured as a sound generator with the additional advantage that the entire process engine dedicated to each Input is used for the Fx Audio Sound Generator.

This means that Proximity, Inertia, Doppler, Space (Reverb) send, Immersive Tools, etc. will be available for each Input. But the most important is that each Input with the Fx ON button and with an active audio file will be processed by the Panning engine, and will be controlled on the same panel with its spatial position (x, y, z), becoming a 3D audio multi-generator with all the automation possibilities. An ultra-powerful weapon for the sound design engineer.

Mutes and Solos everywhere

In the new Reality 2.0 you have Solos and Mutes everywhere. Now also in the bed inputs. In addition, versions 2.0 have centralized control of all functions.

6 new binaural modes

Reality 2.0 provides even more hyper-realistic binaural modes. For even more precise binaural conversion, versions 2.0 set the new standard in binaural sound.