Our Customers

Mix any format from the same mix without downmixing. Including Ambisonics and highly realistic binaural.

An arsenal of exclusive tools for immersive sound design. Now you can create immersive ambients from mono files.
Real time modeling of Doppler effect, inertia and wall´s reflection, refraction, diffraction and scattering.
Exclusive outdoor space simulation. An extensive library of both indoor and outdoor IRs is provided
Proximity and distance effects. Every sound can be hyper-realistically positioned and moved in a 3D space literally at a touch..
With our exclusive Polyspace there is no longer any excuse for needing multiple reverberations because of preset switching.
Ambisonics, hyper-realistic binaural, Atmos®, NHK 22.2, and all immersive and non-immersive formats at your fingertips.
The first ever IR modeler. Ten reasons why modeled IRs are far superior to microphone recorded IRs.