The all new Reality 2.0

Reality 2.0 has been natively conceived for immersive 3D production, with no compromises. Rather than designing it around a user interface mirroring old audio hardware, Dspatial is rooted in the physical world and how you interact with it, automatically and meticulously managing an array of complex tasks that until now were exclusively executed via manual processes.

One Mix. All Formats.

Dspatial Reality is format agnostic. Only one mix is required for all delivery formats independently of the equipment and media, either for film, TV, music, or XR (VR/AR/MR). No downmixing is needed. At last you are able to exchange totally compatible sessions between different studios, each one with a different speaker format, or even just headphones, without losing any of the spatial and immersive information. There are no compatibility limits. With Dspatial Reality 2.0 everything content creators, producers and mixers need is now integrated into the same workflow. The format war is officially over.


With Reality 2.0 you can start working with simple and standard AAX plug-ins inserted on each input channel. Those plugins provide most of the available functions and allow to work seamlessly within the classic Pro Tools workflow. This means that the parameters of proximity, inertia, doppler, reverberation send, immersive tools, etc. will be available for each input channel; and will be controlled on the same panel with its spatial position, becoming a 3D multi generator audio with all automation possibilities. Some other features, such as viewing all sources simultaneously or creating groups, are optionally available on the up to two optional screens dedicated to Dspatial. This two-tier mode is a powerful tool for sound engineers and makes the learning curve much faster.


Our Immersive Tools and Ambients allow content creators, producers, and broadcasters to easily recreate hyper-realistic sonic landscapes at a touch. Multiple predefined and programmable sound trajectories can be automatically programmed. An extensive list of geometric shapes and a library of ambient sounds are provided. The limit is your imagination.

And Powerful

Dspatial Reality empowers the engineers to focus on the creative process by providing one-of-a-kind tools to create and manipulate audio in a unique, powerful and intuitive fashion. Our most recent development, Ambients is an exclusive immersive sound creation system. With Ambients, any sound, such as noise from cities, parks, restaurants, crowds, animals, machines, any general sound environment, and even synthesizer sounds, can be transformed into immersive with great ease. Check it out in this video

15 more exclusive features

Indoor and outdoor space simulation

With DSpatial you can easily recreate real and unreal spaces in real-time with a simple touch. Both indoor and outdoor spaces can be simulated with ease. A library of more than 200 spaces are included and feature ambiences such as recording studios, stadiums, churches, tunnels, gymnasiums, streets, tennis courts; the sky’s the limit.
Screenshots from the film “The Duelist”, mixed with DSpatial

Proximity & distance effects

DSpatial recreates the real sound of proximity and distance from the listener’s perspective. The positions of objects are not just simulated with panning but instead make use of all available loudspeakers to reproduce complex reflections within the sound field.

Simultaneous translation and rotation

DSpatial allows the engineer to easily and realistically locate, move, rotate, collapse or explode sound sources in real time, even behind the walls of the listening room.

Up to 10 points Multi-touch

DSpatial software currently supports eight models of professional-grade touch screens and the list is growing!

Walls and doors

Acoustic reflection, refraction, diffraction and scattering produced by walls, objects and doors are exquisitely simulated to the finest detail

Doppler effect

The bane of any immersive reality audio is the rapid sonic fluctuation that must be coherent to the corresponding visual context. This constant modulation tends to introduce an array of unpleasant phasing and other unruly artifacts. However, we’ve created the perfect solution by making it so that properties like the inertia and the Doppler Effect are created automatically by simply moving the sound sources.

Up to 96 real-time reverb convolutions

Our proprietary Physical Modeling Engine includes up to 96 real-time convolutions -in the Reality Builder version-, making it the most powerful convolution reverb on the market. When listening to DSpatial reverberation, you will quickly recognize the natural, pristine sound along with the massive dynamic range and level of flexibility made possible by our next-level algorithms.

Impulse Response modeler

Whether for sound design, dialog, foley, or any other immersive or VR ambiences, the world’s first true IR modeler is at your fingertips. DSpatial´s 96-channel immersive convolution reverb includes the first-ever N-channel impulse Response Modeler. Our technology provides ultra-realistic and immersive IRs for up to 48 convolutions and up to 64.2 channel outputs -in the Reality Builder version.

Inferior microphone IR capture is a thing of the past!

Dual reverb for real-time scene changes

Now program changes can be accomplished in a cunningly smooth instant fashion. Two complete reverberations are instantiated simultaneously in two separate layers. That’s two instances of 48 convolutions occurring at once. Reverb fluctuations can then be programmed and edited with Pro Tools automation.

All formats without down-mixing

The format war is officially over. Tracks mixed with DSpatial are directly compatible with all immersive or non-immersive formats alike, including ambisonics and binaural for cinematic VR and 360º video.
Once created, the mix is played back in every format without the need to down-mix.
Sound designers can start working in a 5.1, stereo, or even binaural, and their sessions can be played back in a stage -ATMOS or any other format- with up to 64.2 speakers while all spatial information is retained. As all positions and related data are recorded in Pro Tools automation, Work from different sound designers could also be aggregated with Pro Tools “import session data” feature.

Off-line mode

An off-line mode is also provided for faster than real-time mixes within Pro Tools

Ultra-realistic binaural

DSpatial merges immersive sound design, binaural audio, and VR into a single, seamless workflow to make transitioning into sound production for cinematic VR elegantly simple

Ambisonics inputs and output

Inputs: FuMa and ambiX. Outputs: FOA FuMa, FOA ACN or 2nd HOA ACN

360º Equirectangular view and editing

Position your sources in an equirectangular view while at the same time programming the distances in top view.

Full Pro Tools integration

DSpatial is a proud Avid partner and developer. Our software, which ships in AAX format, integrates directly into your Pro Tools rig and even to be integrated into your Pro Tools and S6.

Your workflow is highly respected

Four available versions

We provide you with a fully integrated and compatible ecosystem.

A complex immersive production can be started in small studios, or even on MacBooks with headphones, and then be mixed on a stage, adding all the previous work in a cumulative way.

This is a comparative chart of the following four available versions

Ultra-realistic binaural, Ambisonics and stereo. Designed for music, XR (AR/VR/MR) and 360 VR.

Everything in the VR version plus additional support up to 7..1

Everything in the ONE version plus additional support up to 13..1

Our flagship product. Up to 64.2 outputs. Pro Tools like you’ve never heard before.