What is SONDA?

DSpatial Sonda is a multipoint level meter. It provides peak, RMS and loudness readings and allows to compare several points within a complex mix from a single interface.

A special mode gives you the ability to have Tape/Bus or Pec/direct metering in one meter window.

The Audio Suite version also provides program limiting and leveling capability.

Two display modes

Two possible display modes: Independent and interleaved.

Independent mode

The Independent mode shows a grouped arrangement of stems in which each stem is displayed independently of the others

Interleaved mode

The Interleaved mode is used primarily for level comparisons where levels on the same channels are relevant, e.g. if you want to have Tape/Bus or Pec/direct metering in one meter window.

Compare stems 

DSpatial Sonda main objective is to make comparative level measurements.

It uses a Patchbay mechanism to make connections that establish test points. You just have to insert probes in the points that you want to monitor via plug-in insertion points and then select them with a menu.

You can have up to 6 connections at the same time in a single instance.

Each insertion of the plug-in can be independently patched with no restrictions. Even different stem types can be compared, as well as mutually inclusive or exclusive cases, for maximum flexibility.

Ultra-transparent loudness maximizer

DSpatial Sonda provides a smooth and transparent loudness maximizer.
Offline analysis and processing functionalities are available in the form of an Audio Suite plug-in. Each type of stem has a corresponding specific type of instance.

Smooth loudness optimization and a report with additional comments on the process are provided.

Different types of information are detailed by channels and at the end a summary of loudness analysis is presented.

In addition to displaying peak, RMS and True Peaks levels per channel, a statistics that measures possible silences and total sound absences (mutes) is done.

The summary comprises 5 different ways to measure Loudness:
– Momentary Maximum
– Momentary Average
– Loudness Short-Term Maximum
– Loudness Short-Term Average and
– Integrated Loudness.

Total customization

DSpatial Sonda has a vast arsenal of options to customize your measurement experience. From changing the name of each probe point to changing the appearance and dynamic behavior (ballistics). The customization process is very simple and can be verified in real time thanks to the test display located on the right side of the settings window.

Measure types

DSpatial Sonda provides 4 types of measures: Normal Peaks, RMS (Root Mean Square), True Peaks (TrP) and Loudness*.


The three types of Loudness measures are:

M: Momentary Loudness
S: Short Term Loudness
I: Integrated Loudness

These three types correspond to the EBU mode. The Momentary mode is based on a 0.4 Seconds analysis window. The Short Term mode uses a rectangular window of 3 Seconds. And the Integrated mode uses a 400 milliseconds window with 75% overlapping and a gating.

*True Peaks and Loudness are compliant with the ITU-R BS.1770-4 directive from the International Telecommunication Union.

Programmable scale

It is possible to adjust independently the gain, attack and decay times of the meters to match your dynamics requirements.
There are also tools to define the appearance, density and number of scales. In the following example there is a basic scale, a bi-zone dB and a single dB zone of a 7.1.2 stem.

Range control

The range control allows you to adjust the limits of the meters either by emphasizing the visualization of some range of interest or by eliminating information considered irrelevant.
This example shows how the Range Control helps to show different representation of the same levels with Full Range, the Hi-end, low-end and a middle zone only:

Unlimited graphical options

Solid colors, gradients and opacity are user programmable so that it´s possible to completely change the appearance.
Each test point has a programmable name, a general base color and a panel full of options for fully customizable gradients.

Full Pro Tools integration

DSpatial Sonda is a standard AAX plugin and can be easily integrated into your Pro Tools.


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